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Download and save a photo you love only on a minute Empty Download and save a photo you love only on a minute

on Sat May 11, 2019 8:04 pm
Download and save a photo you love only on a minute

Reposta photos, videos for download and repost for Instagram easily!

Ever you been bore or annoy because you can not download a photo, a video that the other post on their insta account?

Reposta photos, videos will solve all your problem. It helps you download and save a photo you love only on a minute.

What is the Reposta photos, videos?

Reposta photos, videos the best app for instasave and repost a photo or the video on your instagram account.

It allows you download amazing photo, video on the instagram in a second. Using this mobile app you may save photos, videos, TV on instagram feed or story for free. In addition you can repost them in seconds to instasave or share the video or picture with friends, familly or followers.

How amazing of Reposta photos, videos?

How can the Reposta photos, videos changes your life?

Reposta photos, videos help you both download photos videos or TV and repost them in seconds. You can save and share any things you love to many people on the world.

Reposta photos, videos will help you download and repost Instagram photos and videos easily and fast. You don’t have to find a tool to download the video anymore. Because if help you complete all thing in a second.

How you can use this app?

Downloader for Instagram and repost for Instagram in a second as follow:

For Instasave and downloader for Instagram:

You just need following those steps to download and instasave:

Open this “Reposta photos, videos”, tap on “Instagram icon” in the top right corner of the screen to open app.

Select the photo or video you love

Tap on the “three dots icon” and then select “Copy Link option”

Go back on “Reposta app” and “paste link” on the paste framework

Tap on the “download button” to download

Click “close” after downloaded

Repost for Instagram:

Instead of spend time to upload, waiting upload file you can repost the picture or an video quickly by:

Open Reposting app and tap on “Instagram icon” to open Instagram app

Select the photo or video

Tap on the three dots icon and then select “Copy Link” option

Go back on Repost app and paste the link on the paste framework

Tap on the “download” button to download when the new screen appears

After downloaded, tap on “repost button” and then choose report it on feed or stories

It seam long and complicate?

But no! All this step only take you a few seconds.

For more clearly you might watch a guding video here:

Reposta photos, videos the best app for you

The internet bring people closer. So why don’t you share your interest, share the photo, the video you like to connect with the other.

So setting Downloader for Instagram right now and experience!

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